PC Repair / Laptop Repair Wellingborough
Web Development, PC / Laptop Repairs, CCTV & Security Systems, Data Recovery, Virus / Malware Removal, Printing Server, Software / Hardware Installation and Bespoke PC Assembly.
Mobile Repair / Tablet Repair Wellingborough
App Development, Mobile / Tablet Repairs, Mobile Security, Data Recovery, Virus / Malware Removal, Passcode / Factory Reset, Software Update / Installation.
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The One Stop Solution for All Your I.T. Needs

Thinking about taking your business online?

Computer performance slow?

Time for a stationery redesign?

Having trouble with a virus?

Need better hardware?

We design bespoke websites from scratch and configure CMS. We can also provide web hosting services. Read More

We will install & configure any compatible software and hardware on your computer as requested.
We can recover your precious data from your failed computer / laptop as well as memory cards.

We provide bespoke wired and wireless networking solutions tailored to your requirements. We can set up in-house cloud based storage of any capacity subject to availability. This can be made to be accessible from anywhere in the world.

We are able to install the print solution products to support you and your company. Our fully trained and professional engineer will provide expert advice regarding new or existing print & document solutions.

We upgrade and configure hardware components and software installations as requested.

We can create any graphic design for your digital media needs or work on your existing design to improve it.

We can remove the virus & malware from your device and also provide software to prevent recurrence.

We design logos, business cards, letterheads, banners, billboards and all other stationery as required.

Over time, computers slow down due to software issues. We can resolve these and improve the performance.

We can install and troubleshoot most security systems and provide free advice where applicable.

We can setup VPN for wide area networking and also provide remote access solutions using a fixed IP.

We buy and sell all types of electronic devices at reasonable prices. We provide repair services as required. On-site attendance at your home or business is available on request.


The One Stop Solution for All Your I.T. Needs

Software / Web Development

SwiftTech Solutions is a full-cycle software development company with niche expertise and a focus on the latest technologies. We have been helping companies achieve their goals with impactful, industry-specific software solutions. We are proud to earn the trust of our loyal clients from all over the globe.

Software / Hardware

Swifttech Solutions Ltd provides Quality services at affordable prices. From PC Upgrades to building bespoke PCs from scratch – from optimising system performance to refreshing the whole system. We provide all sorts of networking, from LAN for a small business to VPN for corporate businesses.

PC / Laptop / Tablet & Mobile Repairs

SwiftTech Solutions performs repairs on desktop/laptop computers, tablets and mobile phones. This includes but is not limited to, computer hardware repairs and replacements of faulty parts, hardware IC repairs and replacement on tablets/mobiles, Screen/LCD and charging port replacements.

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